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My Error: Start up Items does not have proper security settings

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I have recently created a new backup set with a schedule and ever since, Retrospect boots up twice, one will run, the other will error out.


Upon any restarts, I get a message saying that my start-up items does not have the proper security settings. Retrospect is in there, of course. Any ideas how to fix? I have tried reinstalling the software and it still comes up with the error.


Retrospect version 5.1 Mac system 10.4



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Retrospect version 5.1 Mac system 10.4





Thanks for playing.


Retrospect 5.1 is simply not compatible with Mac OS X Tiger. If you want it to work reliabley, you need a version of this (as with any) application that's qualified to work with the level of the operating system you're using.



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