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Very basic questions on backup/archive strategies

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I've successfully set up and run scripts to produce what I'm referring to as "hot" backups. Technically they are not actually "hot" in the classic sense, however, this group is the first level of backup for a Mac G3 desktop and 2 PC clients. The scripts cumulatively backup all files to a central ext HD.


Now it's time to figure out the next parts of the overall strategy. Oh, BTW, I run Retrospect 6.1 on the Mac and the Mac is 10.3.


The other components of the overall strategy I'd think would include 1) the ability to get a copy of the backup sets offsite, 2) the ability to archive (remove from the Mac or PCs files to free up space but still be able to access the files if needed), and 3) possible Finder format although I'm not sure how this would fit in.


Starting with the offsite, I'm assuming that I have the choice of either creating a new backup set similar to my "hot" ones just targeted to CD (does R6.1 span CD volumes?) or use a utility like Toast to backup the catalog and data files already created to CDs (does Toast span CD volumes?). In thinking about this I'm a little stunned by the number of CDs that will be involved. I'm willing to do Retrospect compression but I'd expect 40G of data would still use a ton of CDs. Short of buying a tape drive, am I thinking along the right path here?


And what about ftp for offsite. I do have a number of web site spaces that can be accessed by ftp. I'd have to do some checking to see if I can afford the space.


How do people without corporate resources (home networks) deal with offsite backup?





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