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Suggestion for daily backup


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I don't know if this is the correct forum for asking about Retrospect 5.6? I'll try anyway.


I've been using Retrospect 5.6 for a while with a HP SureStore DLT1. I'm backing up a fileserver with approx 200gb data. My backup-routines are the following:


I make a full backup, after that i do incremental backup every night. After two months i make a new full backup on a new backupset and continue to do incremental backups every night


My concerns about this is that the same tape is left in the HP Surestore until it's full. If the serverroom burns down in a fire i will lose eveything including the backup tape.


To my question:


Is it possible to make incremental from the same backupset to different tapes named like: mon, tue, wen, thu, fri etc?


With this solution i would change tape everyday and not having the same tape running for weeks.


Is this a good solution, or is there any better solution for this? Is it even possible? I can't make a full backup every week because of the size of the data.


Thanks in advance



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