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Error 1100


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See http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=870904


The relevant section:



This behavior occurs because the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database that is used by the Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) 2.0 version of the Automatic Updates service is opened exclusively by the operating system. Therefore, the backup program cannot read the %Windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder to build a backup image.


Note The %Windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder was added in Windows XP SP2.

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Regarding the proprietary format, Linksys uses a type of universal format that allows users of both Macintosh and Windows to store and access files.


I use the Linksys NSLU2 to execute both backups and duplicates daily. My drive is a Western Digital 160g in an OWC Mercury case. My setup has been in place since August of 2004, and I've used both Retrospect 6.5 and Retrospect 7.0 (recently implemented)and I have not seen a single invalid handle error message.


Retrospect does not send data to a network drive differently then it sends it to a local hard drive. There are other components involved here - the network, the NSLU2 and the drive the data is being written to.


In my experience the error -1101 (invalid handle) is usually related to network issues. But the real key is to start isolating the variables involved as much as possible and see what you're left with.


* Try running the execution from another computer

* Put the NSLU2 on a crossover cable connected directly to the backup computer (use static IP's for both and no hubs or switches)

* Try a different destination USB drive

* Try reinstalling the TCP/IP protocol and the NIC (make sure you have the latest NIC drivers)

* Try backing up to another shared hard drive on your network (the hard drive of another computer for example)


IAN - Going back to your very first post you said:

"I experienced an error 1100, invalid handle, after several successful backups. Two other computers running XP Home on my home network were not experiencing the error. Two days later these other computers experienced the same error."


Those statements would generally imply that it's not Retrospect causing the problem but that there is some other shared common element between these three computers that is starting to fail - whether it be the networking hub/router/switch/cables, the NSLU2 or the destination hard drive.

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The failures I have experienced are very consistent. A good back or 2 followed by an 1100 failure. The only solution is to delete and recreate the back up set. Every time that is done, the next back up works. This happens when backing up to either one of 2 USB drives connected to the NSLU2.


Doesn't sound like a switch, hub, or cable problem to me. The problem appears to be one of Retrospect working with the NSLU2.


Dantz has a responsibility to make the product work with "common" configurations. Look at the posts, this is not that uncommon when using a NAS device.

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