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new drive copied from old -- retrospect calls it new volume

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On Win2K Pro -- I copied all data from an old drive (D:AUDIO) to a new, larger drive (also D:AUDIO). The new volume serial number is the same as the old. However, Retrospect 5.5 thinks it is a new volume. How can I tell Retrospect it already backed up this drive (before the I copied it)? This drive is part of a backup set that takes 48hrs. to back up, so I don't want to redo it if possible.


Thanks for any help.


--paul g

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Retrospect actually doesn't match by location by default. In other words, just moving the data to a new volume in and of itself would not trigger anything in Retrospect. However, from an OS perspective, file attributes have changed in the move process - dates, times, sizes, etc.


You can go to Configure > Backup Sets > Properties > Snapshots to see what the file(s) looked like during the original backup (browse a snapshot and get Properties on a file) which you could then compare to a Properties box for the same file as it exists on the hard drive now. This may show you what changed.

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