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unknown piton packet type 0

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After some major (apparently unresolvable) problems a while back, I started again from scratch with Retrospect 5.0 on a brand new machine, running win2k. After doing all that, we're now getting another new error, every backup, on one machine only (win2k also, with client version 5.6) and on one volume. I get a series of errors as follows:


necoIncoming: unowned packet, tid 4

PitonPacketcryrub.gifnetimport, unknown Piton packet type 0

necoDispatch: unknown packet code from responder: 0

(repeated 13 more times)


> Trouble reading files, error -519 (network communication failed)


The volume itself is a Eudora (mail thing) folder, if that makes any difference. We can back up other Eudora folders on other machines with the same set up, absolutely fine - just with this one machine, and this one specific volume. The problem had never occured before, and wasn't present about a week ago, for the first few backups after starting from scratch. There's nothing clever about our network setup - no EM or RF sources (someone suggested that), no other errors in any logs on the server or client, nothing at all out of the ordinary. Yet it still doesn't work properly.


I hope that's all the details you need - if there are any more that would be useful to have, just let me know.


Many thanks,


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