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Retrospect Express 5.15 and Seagate Tape Backup STT6201U issues


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Got new computer with XP Home 3 mths. ago. Connected and used RE 5.15 and Seagate tape backup fine until Jan. 18 when it started failing to backup. Had used it with old computer for several years. Error message was "From Retrospect Express: Script "Easy Script Backup" failed during automatic execution, error-117 (no devices available). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details." The details were not meaningful. I had installed Sony's dig. cam. photo software (Image Maker and Image Transfer by Pixela) on the 13th so it was uninstalled to no avail. Have uninstalled the hardware and software multiple times and reinstalled to no avail. In "Configure", "Devices", it says "No devices found". Where devices are listed, it only shows a "Removable disk (my CD "E" drive) and not the tape drive. Also, can't remember or find instructions for erasing or formatting the tapes. During all this disruption, I know I will need to to that when I get it all ready to operate again. I use two tapes and alternate them every other week and overwrite the old one. Any help with getting the Seagate recognized again and erasing/reformatting the tapes would be a big help. Thanks. doh.gif

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