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Error 1111 (locked range conflict)


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Sometimes I get the Error 1111 (locked range conflict) when backing up outlook.pst over my workgroup. Please give me some more details on what causes this and possible how to correct it.


Info: Win2k pro running Retrospect 5.6 server. Set to backup two XP pro clients. All other files backup fine. Just every couple of days I get this error. Outlook is not open at the time of backup and other .pst files are backed up just fine.



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-1111 locked range conflict means the file is open by the OS or another application (such as Outlook). This type of file cannot be backed up while it is open. Be sure to close Outlook before attempting the backup. I've seen these errors on Outlook .pst files when Outlook appears to be closed, yet the Task Manager still shows the Outlook.exe process running.

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I have 3 .pst files that open when outlook is open. 2 out of 3 of these files always backs up. In addition I rebooted the problem computer and before doing anything I ran the backup from the retrospect server computer and I got the same message. I then checked the task manager for outlook.exe and it was not there. I then checked the backup log and retrospect has backed up all 3 files several times.

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