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5.15 error - necoCmd: this client doesn't support multiple transactions


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We're getting the error above on almost every backup we do at the moment. The problem first came up 3 weeks back, on a particular machine. There's no mention that I can find anywhere, of this particular error, so was wondering if anyone here had ever come across it! It's running on Win2k, occurs at varying times, after being run by a script or manually, and at different points during the whole backup - we back up 15 or so machines each night, and it has brought up the error once on 3 of them, and quite a few times on one specific machine. Every time the error occurs, the backup ceases, which isn't particularly useful!

If anyone out there does know of a fix, or even what's going wrong, we'd all be very grateful!



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Can you provide more details on your configuration?


What OS versions are involved (client and server)

What versions of Retrospect (client and server)


Generally these types of errors are network related. Check out the following link for error 519. The troubleshooting steps are completely applicable to your situation:



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The server is running win2k with SP3 installed, and version 5.15 of retrospect. The clients are all also running win2k and version 5.6 of retrospect.

What's confusing is that it used to work fine, and does occasionally work now too. Last night, it backed up the usual offender fine, and then failed with the necoCmd error on a different computer (think it's failed on that one once before, about a week ago). This means it can't be something as simple as a network cable. We usually run the backup overnight, so there's no interference from anyone working here, and running it manually during the day can cause the error as well, so it's nothing to do with time, or energy-saving kicking in late at night.

Sorry if there's not much to go on - we're at a bit of a loss!



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