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Automated network backup not backing up all files on windows XP Pro clients

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I'm running Retrospect Workgroup Backup 5.11 as a server on a windows 2000 pc. My automated backups work perfectly for backing up windows 2000 clients to tape, but recently we upgraded to windows XP and when I verify manually if all files are backed up, a lot of files are missing. Retrospect is not showing any errors however. When the server scans the client it only sees a portion of the files that are there in unattended execution.


I'm not having this problem when doing an immediate backup because all files are backed up in that case. But when my unattended execution starts at night only a precentage of the folders is backup up confused.gif


I did not upgrade my client programs and installed just the copies of the cd. Is it possible to move e.g. to the 5.6 client and let it work together with the 5.11 server?


Anyone who is familiar with this problem? I tried a lot of things, but nothing worked frown.gif.



Dimitri Goethals

NMDG Engineering bvba

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