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Help with RetroEventHandler

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I'm trying to create a ScheduledTask (win2k) that will send notifications to an email address (Email Notification) to report weather a backup was successfull or not.




I have the following Email Group Properties in the .bat file (where mail.domain.com is the IP of my exchange server:




set kMailServer="mail.domain.com"


set kMailSender="<Retrospect@domain.com>"


set kMainGroup="<me@domain.com>"


set kFatalErrorGroup=""


set kSuccessGroup=""


set kMediaRequestGroup=""


set MediaRequestNotificationTime="30"




Do I need the <>'s in the email addresses or should it be "me@domain.com" without the <>'s? Do I have to specify a name first? eg: "MyName<me@domain.com>"?




I then have a scheduled task for 8am each weekday, however when I try to run this manually


nothing seems to happen, and I do not recieve an email.




The scheduled tasks runs: C:\WINNT\system32\CMD.EXE /c RetroEventHandler.bat ATsendBUSReport


It starts in: "C:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect"


It runs as Administrator.




The exchange server allows non-authenticated SMTP.




Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Thanks in advance!







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Never mind, it seems to be working with the automatic backup script. The email sends at the early hours of the morning after the backup is completed.


In the User Guide it says that I need to execute the .bat file with a scheduled task. This does not seem to do anything. What is the role of the scheduled task?




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