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Retrospect 5.6.132 never quits

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I've got retrospect professional 5.6.132 running on a windows 2000 sp3 workstation and backing up a mix of macintosh and windows clients. I've got the scheduling options set to allow scripts to run from 9pm to 8am mon-sunday and a look ahead time of 4 hours. My script is set to run at 10pm and it usually runs till around 11am when it posts the message in the log "Script terminated at specified time" , I would think it should have quit at or near 8am but that doesn't concern me too much. What does is that it never quits the program. No matter which user comes in to log into the backup machine, they will see the retrospect window application and log window sitting on their desktop.


Any idea's as to why it doesn't quit? I've got it set to quit in unattended preferences and the allowed scheduling on the preferences tab is set identically to what is set on the script itself. I've tried it with no scheduling set on the script as well. Nothing seems to work. Retrospect just does not quit when it's through with the script or when it's "allowed" run time expires.


any ideas?




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If you're running a Backup Server script, Retrospect will not quit. While scripts within Backup Server can be configured to be active during certain times, Backup Server itself is designed to run continuously.


To have Retrospect quit, use Backup scripts, and not Backup Server scripts.

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