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New User on Win200

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I have Retrospect 5.5 running on a Pentium3 1000 running WIN 2000 256 megs ram and 30 Gig hard drive. I have a Sony CD/RW A little over a year ago I started backing up nightly with alternating backup sets. I am up to CD # 6 so I am pretty sure it i working. Last night I forgat to put in the "B" cd and fully expected a "Hey Dummby" message, but I didn't get it this morning. I opened the program and had it do a Check media The message was that no media was present.


Last week I set up new users that are standard users. I do not allow full access to anyone but me. and I am not in all the time I switched to the Administrator and lo and behold the machine now found the media like ot should have done. Is there a way to allow the standard users to back up?

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I did what you posted went to "settings" "Controll Panel" "Admin Tools" "Retrospect Launcher" Stopped the service, Clicked startup, "Log on as" Changed to the user aI wanted to be able to back up for me and restarted launcher. I then went to Retrospect and did a "Check Media" it gave me the following error

" Retrospect cannot get full access priveledges to your CD/RW drivev. Make sure that no applications are using the currently mounted CD and open the device status window."


I checked OK and immediately got the follopwing message.

"Device Status-no device found"


I clicked OK and quit Retrospect. I then got the following message.

"Retrospect Launcher Service is not running. Some Scheduling features will not be active until system restart or until service is started manually. Consult Retrospect User Guide for details."


I rebooted the systema dn got the same sequence of messages verbatim. HELP!!!




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