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VXA-1 drive not found

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I am using Window XP SP 1 and Retrospect V5.6.127 with a VXA-1 Tape drive and a firwire connection. Retrospect cannot see the drive using either ASPI or NT pass through. The tape drive is seen in the Device Manager but I do not have a driver loaded for it. I am hesitant to load the driver because Exabyte says if you are using a third party software vendor do not load this driver. I seem to be in catch-22 situation here. Can someone help me out please.


Thanks in advance,



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While in Retrospect, go to Configure > Devices > Environment -- is the drive seen here?


Is the drive plugged directly into the computer or is connected on a Firewire chain or adapter?


Do you have another computer you can try with Retrospect to see if the problem follows the drive?



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I called Dantz Customer Service and they told me to go ahead and load the driver for the tape drive even though Exabyte says not to. As soon as I did, XP and Retrospect found the drive. Now I have another problem, I am backing up files off of a SNAP server and in the middle of the backup the program stops. I get no error messages and it doesn't stop at the same place. It looks like it is still running but nothing is happening.

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How much data are you backing up? If possible, try a test backup of the SNAP to a File backup set on a local hard drive. Do you see the same hang?


What does Retrospect say it's doing when it "hangs"? Copying? Comparing? What is on the screen? Can you stop the backup when this happens or do you have to force quit?



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