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Registry Backup Manager and RegCopy

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I'm trying to restore an XP client, with Windows Retrospect Client (v.6), from a Mac G4 running 10.2.4 and the Main Reprospect Backup Program, v. 5.0.236. After reinstalling a temp XP system to a separate directory on C (say, "WINNT") and installing the new Ciient s/w, and then doing the complete restore, The Retrospect Users Guide says:


"WARNING: After restoring the files, do not

restart Windows NT/2000/XP before restoring

the registry information, as described below.

Restore NT/2000/XP Registry

Restore the Windows NT/2000/XP registry with

the Registry Backup Manager (page 86). Start

the Registry Backup Manager from its shortcut

and click its Replace tab. Click the top Browse

button and specify the source folder, which you

just restored. Click the bottom Browse button

to change the destination folder; specify the restored

Windows system folder (often WINNT).

Click Replace Now to replace the current registry

with the backup."


And on p. 86 it says:


"Starting and Automating the Registry

Backup Manager (NT/2000/XP Only)

These steps are unnecessary under Windows

95/98/Me. You should already be logged in to

the client computer with Administrator privileges.

Go to the default installation path

Program Files/Dantz/Client and double-click


Enable daily, unattended saving of the registry

by clicking On and Apply. Click the Help tab for

more information.

After Installation

When the computer starts up it automatically

loads the client software. The client is now ready

to be accessed from the backup computer"


Could someone take me step-by-step through this last Registry Backup Manager procedure? In particular, how do I access RegCopy? In the temp new System, the new Windows Retrospect Client has no "RegCopy" I can find, nor can I find any way to access any "RegCopy" from the main Retrospect program on my G4.


Many thanks!





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Were you using RegCopy to make automated copies of the registry along with your normal backups? If not, there is no registry to restore.


That being said, regcopy should be in your client application folder - not in the Start Menu, if that is where you were looking. Look for C:\Client or C:\Program Files\Dantz\Client for the utility.


Once RegCopy is open, go to the Replace tab. If you did not change any options during the original RegCopy backup (such as the destination) you only need to click Replace to complete the proceedure.

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Yeah! Great response AmyC - I found the sucker. Please entertain one final question.


Perhaps the more important issue now that I'm beginning to understand this, thanks to you, is that I NEED to set RegCopy to automatically create the copy for an XP client (per pp. 99 and 86 of the User's Guide) . I'm assuming I'd just schedule it at some convenient time that wouldn't overlap my scripted network backups. Is that correct?


Many thanks.

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