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files don't compare at offset in stream

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I am getting an compare error on about 11 .BMP files. All the messages report the same offset (176) and the same stream name. I have never edited or changed any of the bitmap files that are being reported (in fact, if you look at the error message below, you'll see that the error is from a retrospect bitmap file).


I have no idea why these files even have streams associated with them (I've run an anti-virus check as a precaution and it doesn't report any problems).


I have seen a Dantz technical note on this issue but I don't think that it applies here. I'm not running on a Mac, and I don't see why a SCSI problem would produce this kind of regularity.


Here's an example of an error:


File "D:\Programs\Retrospect\drsupp\drbk016.bmp": didn't compare at offset 176 in stream ":Q30lsldxJoudresxAaaqpcawXc:DATA"


Any ideas on what might be causing this? Does Retrospect have problems with streams?


I am using Retrospect 5.5 for Workgroups.


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The files may be damaged. As a test, remove the Retrospect bitmap file. Then, go to Add / Remove programs and Change >Repair Retrospect. This file should get replaced. Try the backup again - do you see the same error on this file? If not, the other 10 files may be corrupt in some way.



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