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Conflict btw Retrospect Desktop 5.6 and Norton AntiVirus?

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For some reason, everytime I start Retrospect, the Norton AntiVirus process NAVAPSVC.EXE starts spiking up to 60% of CPU and then back to 0%, with the cycle repeating every 5 seconds or so. I'm not running a virus scan or even doing anything with Retrospect. If I close Retrospect, the problem goes away. If I disable Norton Auto-Protect, the problem also goes away. However, I'm running automated backup jobs and would prefer not to disable Norton Auto-Protect all day.


Has anyone else seen this? I've been fighting through Symantec Support for about a month and they still haven't figured it out.


My setup:

- Dell Workstation w/ dual 700MHz Pentium III processors

- Windows 2000 SP3

- Retrospect Desktop 5.6

- Norton SystemWorks 2002





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