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Retrospect 5.5 and Qualstar Tape Library

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We have Retrospect 5.5 Win 2K Server Edition and a Qualstar Tape Library (w/13 tapes) as our backup device. I want to set up two backup sets -- each to execute every other week on an alternating basis -- and would like to know if there is a way to set aside some of the tapes in my library for one backup set and some for the other set, so that I don't have to pop tapes in and out every week. Can this be done?...

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Currently, it is not possible to bind backup sets to specific tapes. This is an important feature request for many customers, and one that we are hoping to add to a future release.


You can try pre-naming the tapes with the proper names (eg: 1-Backup Set A, 2-Backup Set A). Retrospect will first look for tapes with the correct name, then it will look for blank tapes. If Retrospect needs a new tape and fails to find a correctly named tape or blank tape, it will use a blank tape that has been named for a different backup set.

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