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I recently attempted to use the V5.6 Retrospect Disaster Recovery wizard to recover a Windows XP Home Edition partition. The default snapshot to restore was the snapshot from the date the Disaster Recovery CD was made. I selected to “update” and after putting in all backup set members made after the Disaster Recovery CD was made the restore snapshot was updated to the most current backup on my media. I could not find a way to roll back to a snapshot between the default and the most current. Is there a way in the Disaster Recovery wizard to get to one of the intermediate snapshots or are you limited to the oldest or newest snapshot?

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Does the Disaster Recovery wizard have a button to “Add Snapshot”?


It has been a couple of weeks since I tried this but my recollection is that I did not get a “Add Snapshot” in the wizard, the choice was “update” and once I updated I got the latest snapshot in the backup set and could find no way to get to a previous snapshot after that. To get a “Add Snapshot” button I had to exit the wizard and go to Restore Entire Volume. Did I miss something in the wizard?


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