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unable to backup OS X clients


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We are running Retrospect Server version 5.5 for Windows on a WIn2k server and it backups up a combination of Windows and Mac clients. We recently started adding Mac OS X clients to the backup list. But we cannot seem to get the OS X clients to backup because we cannot add the clients to the server. When we try to find the OS X clients they do not show up. WHen we try to add them directly by IP we get the following error message:

-512 incompatible version

I downloaded the newest client for Mac OS X from the website and it installs fine and say it is waiting for activation but we cannot get those clients added to the server. All the other client types work fine.

Is there something I am missing?


Colin Bondi

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Installing the client for MacOSX on the OSX machines is not enough. You gotsta upgrade to the 6.0 version to be able to backup your OSX clients. You'll need the 6.0 Multiserver version for OSX server machines, regular OSX can be done with Single Server/Professional as well.





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