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I setup a daily script, check that it's set to run week days at 10pm & verify the media is ok BUT the script doesn't run!! There are no error messages but the system appears to be waiting for the media ... I can run it manually NO PROBLEM but want to run it automatically. Do I have to initialize the media?? What else do I have to do besides create the script, check it & add tapes???


Thanx for your help!


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If Retrospect is no longer autolaunching, first verify that you've got it set to automatically launch. Go to Configure>Preferences from the Navigation bar and click Unattended. Is "Autolaunch Retrospect" and "Enable Retrospect Launcher Service" checked?


Does Retrospect try to run a script right after you start it, but not at the specified time? If not, verify that your script is scheduled correctly. Go to Automate>Preview from the navigation bar. Are there scripts scheduled to run? If there are, is the top one scheduled to run soon (as opposed to months or years in the future)? If it is scheduled to run some time in the future, you may have deferred execution of the script. Change this by editing your script.


If there are no scripts scheduled to run, you need to reschedule your scripts. Go to Automate>Manage Scripts from the Retrospect navigation bar to do this.


If Retrospect tries to run a script right after you launch the program, the service which autolaunches Retrospect, the Launcher, may not be working correctly. Reinstall it by doing the following:


Go to Configure>Preferences and click Unattended. Uncheck "Enable Retrospect Launcher service." Now quit and restart your PC. Launch Retrospect and check "Enable Retrospect Launcher." Now quit and restart again.


Were you logged in as administrator during install? Failure to autolaunch can be a Launcher permissions issue, which would be affected by who you were logged in as when you installed the program or edited the scripts. Try creating a new user account and add that user to the Administrator group. Then uninstalling and reinstalling Retrospect when logged in as the new administrator.



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