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Retrospect Keeps Asking for Previous Tape


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I have my network setup to run a unattended Installation. I have Verification turned off. I have it setup to run Mon - Fri. Recycle Backups on Mondays and Normal Backups for the rest of the week.


My problem is that Retrospect always prompts me to insert the previous backup tape when it starts the new one. I have the option to Skip or say that the Tape is Missing. Why does it do this? This does not help me make this an unattended installation.


Please someone help, because every morning when I come in I have to skip and run the normal backup when people are here.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Retrospect is designed to write to a tape until it is full before moving on to the next tape. So, if the tape you use Monday is not full, you'll need to leave that tape in the drive for the Tuesday exection. Once that tape has reached capacity, Retrospect will move on to the next member.


There is an option to "Skip to blank media" when the right tape is not available, however, this will require you to put in a blank tape each time. A previously used tape will not be automatically erased.


If your goal is to use a different tape each day, you can follow the '5 Day Rotation' tutorial, which will walk you through creating a unique backup set for each day of the week - each set (tape) would have a complete set of data.


5 Day Rotation


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