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Can't see CD-R drive after installing Promise RAID card

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I discovered a problem backing up a Windows 2000 computer running Retro. Desktop v 5.6

The backups worked fine until I installed a Promise Fastrak TX2000 RAID card and made the arrayed drives (mirror) into the primary boot drive.


After that, Retrospect would no longer see the CD-R device whis is attached to the secondary IDE bus.

There is currently no drive atached to the internal primary IDE bus.


I also noticed when looking at the device status, there are only half the ID's that one would normally see associated with the IDE bus (I have tested both with and without the RAID present.


Anyone want to take a stab at this one? Is there some magical hack that will tell Retrospect to look at the right IDE bus?


Thanks in advance for your answers.


/Philip Chonacky

SR Hunt Consulting.

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