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Bedrock.dll error


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I had to reinstall Win98SE and now cannot use Rerospect 5.1 or upgrade to 5.15. In both cases I receive a "Error Starting Program" box with "The RETROSPECT.EXE file is linked to missing export BEDROCK.DLL..."


Bedrock.dll is there and in the same folder as retrospect.exe




OS: Windows 98 version 4.10 (build 2222), A


Exception occurred on 3/12/2002 at 1:05:06 PM

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

Fault address: BFF714AC 0001:000004AC KERNEL32.DLL



Thread ID: FFFEF0C5, Name: Unknown


EAX:00040000 CS:017F EIP:BFF714AC EFlags:00010202

EBX:00637000 SS:0187 ESP:0063F670 EBP: 0063F6D4

ECX:C16F0E40 DS:0187 ESI:00008670 FS: 23A7

EDX:00000000 ES:0187 EDI:00630004 GS: 0000



Module Fn (symbol or seg:offset in DLL) Args

=============== ================================= =======================================================================

KERNEL32.DLL 0001:000004AC 0 1 0063F742 87322337 'AM#7' 000116A7 00600000 0

KERNEL32.DLL 0001:00001317 BFF53CD2 0 1 0063F742 87322337 'AM#7' 000116A7 00600000

DD10HOOK.DLL 0001:00005F40 6D2A2B00 87CA177F 00012337 16870000 87C8BAB0 87F00000 23170063 87AAB47C



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