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sony loader slots not recognized


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Hi. I'm using a Sony TSL-S11000 autoloader, and just installed it on a new IBM x345 server running Windows 2000 Server. The device is recognized, but it only sees the currently inserted tape. It does not see the other 7 slots.




The drive looks/works fine on an NT server with the same version of Retrospect (5.6 server), so I'm guessing this is some sort of SCSI config problem. The cable is new from Adaptec HD-68 to 68 pin VHDCI. The new server has a dual channel Ultra320 SCSI. It's showing up in Retrospect's 'Environment' as ID 4:1. The drive has a good active terminator on the unused connector.




ASPI 4.6 doesn't seem to install (aspichk comes up empty), and I wonder if it's supposed to on a W2K server.




? - any thoughts appreciated.







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Make sure the SCSI card supports multiple LUNS and that multiple LUN support is enabled.




Remove the Retrospect config files. Corrupted configuration files can cause a loader not to show up in Retrospect. The Config55.dat and Config55.bak files are located by default at C\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect.




Make sure the loader is in Random mode.



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