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premature tape ejection


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Hi backuppers:




I am using Retrospect 5.6.132 on a W2K pc backing up additional shared resources on other Windows networked PCs (not clients). I have 5 separate tapes that I use with 5 different backup sets (mon, tues & so on). The backup sets basically backup the same shared resources.




I have had some problems lately with the DAT tape being ejected before what I can see is a complete use.




I setup a automated script daily just to keep in touch with the backup process. When I've finished the script I always perform a check to see if the system appears to be ready to go. What I usually see is that the tape itself is about 40% used with a maximum compressed capacity of 78.2 Gig.




When I check in the AM, the tape is ejected and the backup software is looking for a 2nd tape for that backup set. When I look at the log of that backup, I can't add up the appended files to the tape that equals anywhere near the capacity of the tape. For instance, in the backup last night, the log shows an additional 419'ish megabytes of data added to the tape that according to the check was about 38% full. Again, in a 78.2 gigabyte world, that's a whole bunch more than the 419 megs.




Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did you find a solution to it and would you be kind enought to share.




No ******* jokes.









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