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Can Retrospect restore?


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I posted a note title "Can't restore short names" here a few days ago. An expanded version is posted to the Retrospect 6.0 forum.




The problem described is that Retrospect doesn't restore the short names of files. The note in the 6.0 forum includes a prodcedure for demonstrating the problem.




It seems to me that the effect of this is that you cannot restore a machine and have applications continue to work. Certainly that was the case in my recent restore.




So my question is this: Has anyone managed to restore completely an NTFS disk containing a range of applications and had the applications work after the restore? Or did you have to reinstall some of the applications after the restore?







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Thanks for the reply, Amy.




Two things...




First, check my message titled "Incorrectly restoring short names" in the Retrospect 6 forum. This contains instructions for reproducing the problem. I posted it there hoping that someone would test R6 and tell me if that had the problem.




Second, I am a Windows developer with experience in writing backup programs and in working in this area of the system. I can explain to your developers what the problem is and how to fix it. You have my email address.




Thanks for your attention.





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