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Disaster Recovery and Paging Files


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I have Retrospect 5.5 running on a Windows 2000 server. I went thru the process of creating a Disaster Recovery CD, and backed up my OS volume. When I replaced the drive and followed the steps to do the restore everything went fine until I tried to login in Directory Services Repair Mode. I get an error that my paging files are too small or do not exist. And windows tells me how to fix it, but when I click on OK in the window I am logged out and the proccees repeats itself. I have tried starting up in normal safe mode but can't login because the server is a domain controller. Any ideas on how to get around this problem?




Thanks, Jeff

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After I run the Disaster Recovery CD and it restores a temp Windows 2000 system. I let the Restore wizard backup my latest full backup of the drive. When this is complete and the system restarts I push the F8 key to go into Directory Services Restore Mode, when the login screen comes up I enter my admin name and password, it starts to log me in then I get an error that tells me "No Paging Files or Paging Files too small", the message gives me directions on how to fix the problem when logged into Windows. The problem is as soon as I click on OK in the error box, I am logged out of Windows. If I try to login again the procedure repeats itself. If I don't go into "Directory Restore Mode" I can not log into the server at all.



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