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5.6 problems


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Well I purchased this program a few months ago and have nothing good to say about it. I have 3 W@K servers running SP3 that I have yet to stablize backups for. I really have problems with this application, eating up resources like memory, page pools until it crashes. I thought this may only have been an issue on maybe one server but unfortunatly it has begun to happen to 3 different servers, all with different tape drives. I have my scripts excluding everything that it cannot open for backup, disable virus scanning during backup times and error check my hard disks all the time. I get timeouts reading the drive (102) that never occur using MS backup. (This is not what we wish to use). Now since the 30 day support has expired and searching the FAQ and updating the drivers and reading posts to this forum, I am no better off resolving these issues. I thought it may have been an issue with Symantec Antivirus. And if it is - Veritas here I come. I am very disappointed thus far as you can tell. EVENT 2020 Unable to allocate from the system page pool because it was empty is the biggest issue. With 2 gigs of RAM? Any suggests on why Retro does not play nicely?

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I get timeouts reading the drive (102)




While in Retrospect, go to Configure > Devices > Environment and list Vendor, Product and Version for your drive.




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EVENT 2020 Unable to allocate from the system page pool because it was empty is the biggest issue.




Where do you see this error message?




If I'm reading your post correctly, you have 2 gig of physical RAM in this system?




What happens if you disable/quit all third-party applications, as a test, and let the backup run. Is it successful?











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Box #1 Benchmark DLT SC (DLT1) Version 5032 Driver version 1.37


Box #2 Archive Python 04106 (DDS3) Version 7550 Driver (DDS-DC 1.09)


Box #3 Archive Python 06408 (DDS4) Version 8071 Driver (DDS-DC 1.09)










Then 2020 error is from the event viewer. Disabling 3rd party applications is not practical. These are not workstations and need to be online. I can tell you one is database server, one is a web server and the other is a file/mail/fax server. And as I stated before, native NT backups work as I have ran these as jobs for a week to see if the problem surfaced - it did not. I have all set to use NT passthru (scsi) and have followed all of your usual suggestions. All are running W2K server SP 3.

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