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Server 5.5 wierdness

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After having such fun with my version 6 multiserver upgrade, I decided to tweak my version 5.5 server's drivers, to see if I would get a performance increase. Instead, with the Exabyte Mammoth 60 driver upgrade, I got Retrospect to launch a tape backup script, but then become disconnected from the script after it launched it.




My tape backup script shows that 78K of the tape has been used up and stops during the backup, while my display on the tape drive (a Cybernetics CY-8960) indicates that 54GB of the tape has been used. The tape display also shows movement of data during the backup process, over 7,000 KB/sec as well as decrementing the space available on the tape.




I guess that I can revert back to the Windows 2000 drivers, but the new driver showed 25% speed increase over the original drivers.

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When I talked to Dell Tech Support and complained about my throughput, they suggested that I go to Adaptec's website to download the latest version of their driver for the 29160/39160 Ultra 160 SCSI card. I upgraded the drivers and the throughput improved by more than double for the 39160, about the same for the 29160. However, with version 5.5 of Retrospect, I lost the progress updates of the backups to tape. Version 6 works fine.

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