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Fat32 to NTFS Query

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Hi All,




I recently purchased a sony DDS3 drive package which came supplied with Retrospect OEM Workgroup for Windows V5.6. This is used to backup a standalone windows 98SE pc with 3 GB of important data (fat32 file structure). In the case of a fire at this location, I would like to be able to restore a tape from this backup (which is taken off site every night) onto a Windows 2000 server which is in a different office and has a dds3 drive installed (segate dds3 archive python) to minimise downtime. Is it possible to restore a tape from a fat32 system onto an NTFS system if you are using Retrospect? I've done a test and it recognises the tape and the backup name, but won't let me restore unless I purchase another licence of Retrospect (because of the different tape unit), but I don't want to buy another copy if it won't work anyway. Technically, if the other office is a smoking pile of rubbish, I wouldn't be breeching the licence agreement if it's only being used in one location??? We use ntbackup in the other location already so I don't need a 2 copies of retrospect, as it would only be used in the case of disaster recovery.













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Is it possible to restore a tape from a fat32 system onto an NTFS system if you are using Retrospect?




Yes, Retrospect backs up the actual data file, which is independent of the file structure in which it lives. Think of it like this: Your true weight is what you weigh here on Earth (for arguments sake), yet you'd weigh out differently should you travel to Mars or Venus. You are your data file - you can go to either file system (planet) but your file size (weight) will vary depending on where you are.




Files backed up in a FAT32 enviroment can be restored to an NTFS environment and will actually take up _less_ room. Keep in mind that the reverse is also true. Should you move a file from an NTFS volume to a FAT32 volume, the same file will take up _more_ room on the FAT32 volume due to block allocation differences.

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