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Comparing backups to files on computer


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We need to audit the backups to ensure we are getting all the files. Is there an easy way to compare what files are backed up against what is really on the person's hard drive on the network?




The only way I can see to do this is to print out the list of files backed up and go to that person's computer and compare with what's really there. Obviously this is time consuming and I'm sure there must be a better way.




Any ideas?




Using Retrospect 5 server backup under Mac OS X. Client computers are mostly Mac OS 9 with some Windows users and some Mac OS X users.









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Go to Immediate Backup and select the client in question as the source, and the backup set in question as the Destination. Click on Preview to generate a current browser window of the client machine.




Expand the folders. Any file (not folder) with a diamond symbol next to the name matches an exact file in the backup set. Any files that do not have diamonds are not currently in the backup set. Keep in mind that some files change regularly, and once changed, will not have a diamond.




For example, the Outlook.pst file will not have a diamond if recently used (changed) since the previous backup.

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