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WinXP Restore Failure

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I am receiveing a failure on a Disaster Recovery Restore on an XP machine.




The message is "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error Code: 0x800900006"




The hard drive was intermittant on this machine, requiring a replacement drive.




What I did was this:




1. Do a full backup of the C drive of the machine (it had a D also)


2. Prepare a Disaster Recovery bootable disk


3. Shut the machine down


4. Replace the "intermittant" drive with a new, formatted drive


5. Run the disaster recovery process completely




The process seems to work fine until the machine reboots after the restore process. At that time, the machine starts up, I get the logon screen. When I log in, the system pauses for some time, then displays the above dialog box, and then logs me off again. If I log on addtional times, there is no pause, but it still logs me off.




How do I fix this?




Thanks, Will Adams






Retrospect 5.6 with latest driver pack


Sony DVD+RW drive for backup


CD-ROM for bootable startup disk


Windows XP with SP1

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The restored registry is not dealing with the new hard drive properly. Please see the following Microsoft article:








Because the Registry contains hardware instruction specific to your original hardware, Dantz cannot guarentee that restoring the old registry to new hardware will be 100% successful. In almost all cases, restoring to a new hard drive should be problem free.




However, this appears to be a known issue with Dell computers and Windows XP according to the Microsoft site.

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Thanks for the reply. I had already seen that Microsoft article, and the error message number, as well as the cause are not the same - only a fragment of the error message words match. Additionally, this not a Dell machine




I am still looking for an answer. I do not see why, on identical types of drives this will happen.




Still hoping for a solution...





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