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W2k & ASPI


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I am running W2k sp3 , Retrospect 5.6 and have set the NT pass through.


From Dantz documentation it states that installing ASPI is not necessary for CD-Rw but I see that some forum users are recommending installing ASPI.




Could someone please clarify this?




I have a PlexWriter 16/10/40A and when using CD-R I only manage to get 1 or 2 discs to work.(of ten tried). And of course the remaining ones are ruined. I can use CD-RW discs ok, getting at lease 95% good ones.




Whenever I use other software such as Adaptec Easy CD creator the Cd-R usually work but once in awhile I get a bod one.




Is there any downside to installing the ASPI 4.72 ??

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In some configurations ASPI can improve communication between your comptuer and the peripherals. It's a case by case basis - when one layer doesn't work, try the other (in your case ASPI). There is no downside to using ASPI.




If you are having good luck with CD-RW, but not with CD-R, try changing the brand. Make sure you are using a quality, name brand media such as TDK, Sony or Verbatim with your backup. There is a huge variability between the quality of different brands of optical media.





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