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Retrospect 5.6


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My company bought Retro 5.6 nearly a year ago and has had problems with it since day one. We are using 5.6 with all the newest updates on a NT 4.0 Server. The server has sp6 installed and runs fine. We have two hard drives. One is connected to a ATA66 controller and the other is using the 2nd integrated IDE controller in the mother board. Oh yea... We're also trying to backup our data on a Yamaha 2200 series burner.




The problem is if you try to backup more than 100Mb (or some where around that size) of data then Retrospect will freeze about 5 minutes into the process. We won't receive any type of error message. The only thing that will happen is the progress bar will simply stop moving. We then are forced to cancel the task which will produce a CD coaster. I've read some other articles and found similar cases. I've used the ctrl+alt-p-p short cut key and played around with some of the execute and error control options, but nothing has worked. Do you have any suggestions that may help me solve my problem?




Thank you,


David Griffin

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Which Yamaha 2200? ATAPI, SCSI, Firewire, USB?




As a test, try a small backup to a file backup set on your hard drive - leaving the CD burner out of the equation. Create a new backup set. The storage type will be "file" and the save location will be on one of your local drives. Does the backup still hang or does the problem occur only when writing to the CD burner?





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