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Major problems on restore


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Using 5.1 on a win200 server with a Onstream ADR 50G SCSI unit. I am trying to recover from a disk crash by rebuilding the volumes from tape on a new machine.




I have daily tapes with full copies of the 5 volumes. There is only one back up set on each tape.. one tape for each day. 4 of them restore just fine. the 5th one gets about 1/2 way thru a 20 Gig restore and fails with a dirty head/ bad media message.


thinking something is wrong with the tape but the tape did a back up and verify 3 days ago with no errors..




Do it again and it fails exactly in the same place. OK Bad tape right..




go to the day befores tape.. rebuild the catalog.. start a restore of that volume .. blamo right in the very same spot .. dirtry heads/ bad media message. right in the same spot! ON a different tape.. Again the verify of that back-up passed with flying colors 4 days ago.




OK let me do it again.. .. same stuff same place..




OK let me get really crazy and Go to a pervious tape that also passed it's verify.


Let it rebuild it's catalog AGAIN.. and then run the restore... And like clock work the baklc up fails on the very same spot for bad media/dirty heads. # tapes in a raw .. all of which were checked and verified when they were run.




I am thinking possible drive problems.. I am not sure .. any ideas. what is the probiblty that there is a problem reading from 3 different tapes that choke at the same spot..


I am thinking MAYBe there is a problem with the file it is trying to restore.. not the tape itself. which would be fine with me at this point.. just let me get at the other 10Gig of data I need.




Anybody have any Ideas?




Is there a way to tell this thing to continue on data errors?? Or am I... no.. I can;t say it...


I am scared..















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How are you determining that it is hanging on the same spot on each set? Does it always get the error when trying to restore a particular file? If so, try excluding that file from your restore - does it complete sucessfully?









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