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OSX, Webstar, MySQL


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We are running Webstar 5.12 with OSX 10.13, PHP, and MySQl. We upgraded to Retrospect 5.0. Started a new script making backups of the entire drive daily over the network. Retrospect was residing on a different CPU that is an 8.6 machine. After a couple of weeks we had a critical drive failure on the webserver. We followed the restore procedure as specified in the manual. Upon completion of the restoration we found that Retrospect didn't back up the mysql database files or privilege files that were being used by the webserver software. Everything else was restored perfectly.




Does anyone have a similar experience? I am looking for a solution that allows me to trust this software. Right now it is useless to me.

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What errors did you have in the log for the original backups? It sounds like these files couldn't be copied while they were open.




While Retrospect can backup most open files, there are exceptions. Some programs are required to be completely closed for the files to be accessible for backup. Other programs, like Filemaker Server, have a built in function which makes it's own backup of the databases, which then can be backed up by Retrospect.

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