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Backup Doing two passes


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Im using Retrospect 5 on Win2k server backing up onto a HP tape drive using scripts...




For some reason the script does two passes on for each volume?




E.g. It backs up




Volume A, B then C, then starts over but appends to the end of the tape, often requiring a second tape...




Is there any way to stop this as it basically doubles the time it takes to run..









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It is correct that Retrospect does two passes per volume - copy then compare. However, new data is not actually getting written to the tape on a compare pass. This is done volume by volume. For example, if your script lists Drive C: and Drive D: as sources, Retrospect will first copy/compare Drive C:, and _then_ copy/compare Drive D:




If you are sure that what you are seeing is not the proceedure described above, that Retrospect _is_ actually copying volumes twice in a night, check your scripts. Also check your operations log (Ctrl - L)to view recent activity.

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Just a note - we don't recommend disabling the verify feature. Without it, there is no way of knowing whether or not your data is being copied properly to the media. You may find yourself in a restore situation with files that are not restorable.




That being said - proceed at your own risk! ; )

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