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Unattended execution of Repair prompts dialog box


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Why is there a dialog box at the end of an Unattened execution of a Repair task that asks if there are any more tapes?


(now please, don't respond with the fact that it's there to ask if you have any more tapes that belong to the backup set, I understand that.)




I expected the job to complete itself "Unattended" like, not to sit there for five days with a dialog box waiting for me.


Duration: 5 20:08:18 (5 17:12:08 idle/loading/preparing)






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The "Update Existing" command has a few functions:




1) Repair a catalog out of sync message


2) Restart a catalog rebuild that was previously stopped




When Retrospect is recataloging a backup set, the program has no knowledge of whether there are 2 tapes or 200 in the set.




A catalog out of sync means that the catalog contents do not match the tape contents. Using the same logic, Retrospect does not know if there is 1 tape that doesn't match or multiple.





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The logic I'm following here (not disagreeing with how the "Update Existing" is run) is that "Unattended" means (and maybe this is where I'm wrong) that one can walk away - ie. "leave unattended" a job that states it's running under such condition and assume it will be completed at some time allowing other jobs or tasks to run after it. So with that in mind...




If a job/process/command/set of conditions can not run without user intervention then people should not be allowed to select between "Run Interactive" and "Run Unattended."




I know that Dantz can not assume that everyone has a tape library, and therefore may have to feed each tape for this process (clearly not an operation to be run unattended - dim the menu option) but in my case (and as far as I recall) the tapes in a library are enumerated and searched for those that meet the naming parameters for the backup set in question. From this I think it can be assumed that if I select;


(1.) Recreate catalog from the backup set. AND (2.) Run unattended;


that I will place the required media in the library (if not; my bad - not yours) and walk away. I do not have the luxury of being able to sit by and watch a 5hr recreation of a 500MB catalog.




Anyway, really this is just food for thought. I know it's not something we can expect to see changed in current versions.





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