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Desktop network problems.


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Hello all, I hope someone can help me with this problem




Server Setup


W2K Pro With Retrospect Desktop 5.6


Zip100 SCSI backup drive


Athlon XP 1700 with 512 megs RAM, 20 Gig HD.




Workstation Setup (4 computers)


Windows 98SE


P100 to PII500 with 32 to 64 megs RAM






Retrospect was running on one of the old workstations and ran well, but then the launcher stopped launching the automatic backups. Workstation was freezing regularly - added the server to the network and installed Retrospect on it.




I tested the backup scripts I created and they all work. Now the launcher also works but I have other problems.


I got Error 1017 when accessing network shares using UNC paths during an automatic bakup. I see that this is related to the Launcher service logon. However I tried to fix it by mapping the shares as drives and editing the scripts to match this.


Now I get Error 1116 when accessing network shares when the script runs automatically. Is this also permission related? Again it ran fine when I manually ran the script.




Other problems - workstations sometimes BSOD or reboot or freeze during backups. Any ideas?








Fernand Jonker.

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Yes, these are permissions related errors. If you are storing your backup set on a network drive, make sure Retrospect is configured for custom login to network volumes.




Do the following to edit the launcher service for non-default login:




Windows 2000/XP


1. Open the Services Control Panel under Administrative Tools.


2. Select Retrospect Launcher, stop the service and then click the Startup button.


3. In the “Log On As” section select This Account. LocalSystem will appear in the field to the right.


4. Change “LocalSystem” to the account you want to use and then enter your password in the two password fields.


5. Restart the Launcher Service.



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