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Can anyone tell us the pattern, if there is one to which tape our autoloader will use? We have Retrospect 5.6 on an XP Pro computer with a Seagate STL696000N Drive attached. The autoloader holds 4 tapes. Our nightly backup consists of copying all network data to a local Drive then making two copies of that backup to two tapes. Since we have an autoloader that should not be a problem and is not. However we never know exactly which tapes it will use. We erase all tapes every day so that each night it starts with 4 erased untitled tapes in the autoloader. The only pattern we have found so far is that it will probably use tape 4, however sometimes it will use it first and sometimes it will be the second tape used? We have tried many things to see if we could find a pattern, and other that using tape 4, which is the last tape, we can find none.






Terry Dickson

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The only way to specify which tape Retrospect will use is to pre-name the tapes with the correct names (eg: 1-Backup Set A, 2-Backup Set A). Retrospect requires the auto-loader to run in 'random' mode, not sequential. It will grab the first viable tape, after doing a scan of the magazine if needed.

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