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-1020 and -1111


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I have a simple peer-to-peer windows 98 network for which I use Retrospect 5.x to backup some of the files of the computers. I notice that I usually get one of those error messages


-1111(locked range conflict) and -1020(sharing violation) from the outlook folder or netscape mail. Does any of you know why I get those messages? I am able to backup up most of the computers and their mail folders; these messages just happen in a couple of the computers and I don't always get these messages.




Thanks in advance

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These errors indicate the file in question is open, and cannot be copied while they are open. To get around this error, close the file before the backup.




For client machines, there is an Outlook Event Handler located in the Retrospect application folder > External Scripts. The Retrospect User's Guide can explain how to set up the Event Handler to close Outlook before a backup. For Netscape Mail, the mail file will need to be closed manually.

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