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206 Error - HELP!!!


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Seagate 24 GB SCSI tape drive w/ W2k and Retrospect Workgroup Server. Works fine to backup. We had a major HD failure spree and went to restore and started getting 206 errors AFTER restoring from Tape 1 of a 5 tape backup set. It stops in the middle of the second tape and reports the error, even though it restored everything from the first tape. The restore was a folder that was being backed up on one of our client volumes.




I used the suggestions for 206 errors:




1. I moved the computer/drive to an isolated location.


2. I switched the Seagate drive to a drive bay less likely to have interference.


3. I cleaned the tape heads NUMEROUS times.


4. The server is on a UPS, which is functioning fine.


5. I ran complete Seagate diagnostic testing complete with firmware upgrade. It performed flawlessly.




Nothing worked.




However, there is an interesting phenomenon: it will let me restore single files from the tapes that I suspected to be corrupt!! Can anyone PLEASE help explain what is going on and what I can do to remedy the situation??? Thanks in advance for any consideration you can offer. This one's left me scratching my head!!!!





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After removing the 2 TERM jumpers from the back of the drive, it works fine now (Only the hardware terminator is installed now at the end of the internal chain). I also turned on the SEAGATE signal switch on the 10 switch-block (switch #7). This lets the drive signal to Retrospect that it is a Seagate instead of the generic PYTHON drive.




Thanks to contributor ThosPalm for the termination tip. Apparently Retrospect doesn't like this drive terminated using it's internal terminator either. Happy ending!!!!

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