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The dreaded 206 Error


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my regular unattended backup script works just fine. no errors of any kind.




I have another script that utilizes the 'Backup Server' feature for backing up laptops. it stops with an Error 206. I have tried cleaning the drive and using different tapes - no luck. I have verified my scsi chain and terminations.




sometimes, I do get a scsi error in my system event log




anyone have a suggestion or solution




my setup is


windows 2000 pro


Retrospect Server 5.6


an exabyte 8505xl 8mm scsi drive


using sony 112m tapes, tried sony 160m as well


adaptec 2940 scsi controller

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yes the drive is 3+ yrs old




I removed the termination resistors from the tape drive and added a termination block to the end of the scsi cable.




still no luck.




I guess I will recheck the termination on the other devices. this error obviously is related to incorrect termination.

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I rechecked all the terminations, and everything was fine. I changed the hardware terminator on the cable to an active terminator. I even changed the max sync transfer rate on the tape drive in the scsi bios.still no luck.




I think my problem trying to backup over a wireless network which apparently can't sustain the necessary throughput for the tape drive. I connected the laptop to wired network and everything seemed to work fine.

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