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Can't create DR disk from Client snapshot

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I'm running 5.6 Server. I have always been able to create a DR disk from a snapshot of my local boot drive (c:), and when tested it has worked just fine.




Today I installed a client machine and performed a full backup of its boot disk (c:) across the network to my main machine running 5.6 server. When i try to create a DR disk for this client i get the error "Sorry, that snapshot cannot start a Windows computer". Technically this is a snapshot of a system disk and i would think that all files would be included in the backup set / snapshot.




If I cannot create a DR disk for the client, then how would i restore the client from a crash/disk replacement? Do i just have to rebuild the OS manually and configure it on the network so the server can see it, and then have the server "overlay" the clients (c:) drive with the origional data? Certainly this could be done, but i thought the reason for the DR disk was to greatly reduce the time and "pain" of putting the client system back together from scratch.




Thanks in advance for your help.







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At this time, the DR disc is only designed to work on the local machine, not client machines. Client machines are restored with our Live Restore feature, which means you can restore the system over the top of the live operating system.




Essentially, if the client system is bootable, you would push the restore across the network through the Restore Entire Disk option.




If the system is not bootable, you will need to install a base system, install the Retrospect client, log it in, and then push the restore across the network.




Once the restore is complete, you will reboot the client computer and it will be back to state at the time of the backup.




For more information on restores, please see our Tutorialscolor=blue>



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