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WIN XP -- Why increased backup time?


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I'm using Desktop Backup 5.6. When I used this with WIN2000, the backup process was immediate, often taking less than 2 seconds on a daily backup basis.




I have recently moved to a WIN XP (FAT32) computer, and now the backup begins with the with the hard drive doing some heavy activity for about 2 - 3 minutes before the actual backup begins. When the backup finally starts, the process takes only 2 seconds.




How can I avoid the initial delay? Why is the hard drive doing this? Will an upgrade to 6.0 get me back on the right track?




Thanks for any help.

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What exactly does Retrospect say it is doing during the "delay" - Scanning? Matching? At what point does the delay occur?




What type of device are you backing up to? While in Retrospect, go to Configure > Devices > Environment and list Vendor, Product and Version for your drive. How is it connected to the computer?

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Thanks for your reply.




For the last year, I have been using an Iomega Peerless 20GB removable hard drive as my primary data drive, which, on my computer, is drive E:\. The Peerless drive is attached to the computer using a Firewire connection. The removable drive allows me to take all my work home, where I have another Peerless station.




I back up the Peerless data to the C:\ drive. It is a Western Digital 60GB ATA-100 drive.




When the backup process begins, Retrospect says "Preparing to execute..." Then there are no additional messages for the 2-3 minute period. Retrospect sits silently as the C:\ drive works feverishly to complete some unknown task. While this is happening, Retrospect cannot be "stopped" -- it is in "limbo" and must wait until the C:\ drive has finished its "spinning." (It's as if the C:\ drive were performing a total indexing of itself...) After the spinning has stopped, the backup occurs quickly.




I'm home as I write this message, so I can't do the exact check you requested, but will do this on Monday at work.




Thanks for any help!

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YESSSSS! That's it!! I turned off the restore feature (never heard of it!) and Retrospect worked exactly as it did with my prior operating system: fast, no waiting.




Dantz should really put this in the troubleshooting section for WIN XP, because the "restore service" of WIN XP is turned on by default.




I had already begun the search for a different backup program, but now I don't have to!




Thanks again.

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