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Restore automatically ejects tapes?

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I had to do a restore of about 97 GB. I kept getting -519 errors trying to do the whole thing at once, so instead decided to restore the critical stuff first, then go back and do the less-critical later, a few Gig at a time.




That was working fine until about half-way through the first run it ejected 2 of my 4 DLT tapes containing the backup-set I'm restoring from. I suppose it would be easy if I were at the office to just push the tapes back in, but I'm trying to restore this stuff connected remotely from home! I don't want to spend my entire Labor Day weekend at the office.




Anyone know how to keep this from happening?




FYI: It's a WinNT4 server with 4 DLT tape drives, with the backup-set spread over all 4.




Also, any ideas why Retrospect doesn't restore NTFS permissions? According to the setup, it should be and says "...restore permissions as appropriate" but the files are coming back Everyone-Full Control.

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There is no workaround to this issue at this time. When doing a restore where the backup set members are spread across multiple tape drives (not a tape library), Retrospect will first eject a tape when it is finished with that member before moving on to the next tape drive in search of the member needed to complete the process. We are looking at changing this in a future release.

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