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Where is my post about useless Retrospect?

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I did post a post with critic information about Retrospect and my post dissapered!!!!


Dantz does not like I guess. Well, once again I want to have a preference with regular user. I do not want to curse, but you can stick your ROOT access only in your ....




I was loyal Retrospect user for years and nkow you do not give me a choice. READ THIS: I DO NOT WANT TO BE ROOT USER. I WANT RETROSPECT TO BE AS FAST AS OTHER FREE SOFTWARE.





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Your post was moved to the appropriate forum (Mac OS X). Please do not post OS X questions in the Desktop Workgroup and Server 5.x for Windows Forum.




Your post, and the reply, is at:




Please enable regular user is OS X!!!!




Also, please be sure that your posts follow the Rules of Conduct you agreed to when you signed up for the forum.




Best regards,




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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I am sorry. I did not see that I post it to the wrong forum. I have nothing against Dantz. I am using it for many years. I do not want to switch to another backup solution, since it does not exist. But I have to have an option to be able to access my servers as a regular user. When I mounted my servers as root (within Retrospect) and I was not able to see any files - I did get upset.




I hope there is a solution to mount my servers with finder (Not through Retrospect) so I can access my files and back them up if I want to with Retrospect. And all files will be backed up with their corresponding user rights.





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Permissions are not preserved when you back up a shared volume. You'll need to use the Retrospect client software, which will eliminate the problem of not being able to access your files through the Finder.




**Please respond to the thread in the appropriate forum**

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