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Retrospect Email Notification

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I've posted this question many a times on this forum, but having still not solved it I'll post and post again.




I'm running Retrospect Server on my Network. I'm trying to get the Email script to work, but have not been able to do so. I'm simply running Microsoft Exchange server, and I can not, for the life of me, get it to communicate with the Retrospect script.




I've typed in all the combinations possible in the batch file, I've even been able to use the mailsndr program to send a mail minus the origional batch file. However, I've never gotten it to send an email notification by itself.




I've spent money on Dantz technical support for help to no avail. There must be somebody running Retrospect Server and trying to get it to talk with an Exchange Server. Or am I the only one that uses Microsoft Exchange anymore?




All I'm trying to do is get the Email Script to talk to Exchange Server and have it send mails.




Thanks for any help in advance,




Eric Berglund



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1. Confirm that mailsndr.exe and RetroEventHandler.bat are located in the Retrospect folder




2. Confirm that the event handler has the name "RetroEventHandler.bat" With any other name, or spelling, this WILL NOT run!




3. Check to see that the script is setup correctly with an SMTP server, a sender and a recipient.




4. IMPORTANT: the SMTP server needs to be able to send email _without_ authentication. This program will not work unless that is the case.



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Thanks for replying.




I've checked and rechecked all that information. I've been able to send an email, using DOS and that mailsndr program, so I'm guess that my mail server doesn't require authentication.




Any ideas?









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