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Lost Automate Scripts


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I wanted to check out the latest version of Retrospect so I downloaded the 30 day trial version. I currently have Retrospect 5.15 server installed on my computer. After I unstalled the 30 day trial version it asked me for my upgrade registration number. Since I was not trying to upgrade just evaluate for a short time I did not have an upgrade registration number. I basically couldn't use Retrospect. So I uninstalled Retrospect from my computer and reinstalled my Retrospect 5.15 server.




Now all my automated scripts are missing. I tried restoring the c:\program files\dantz\retrospect from a previous backup but that has not returned my old scripts. Is there anyway I can get them back or will I have to rewrite all of them.




All my clients are also missing. Is there a way I can restore them without having to add them all again.







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The files you need to restore are called: Config_5.dat and Config_5.bak. You should be able to find them in your backup in the following directory:




c:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect




Once restored, close Retrospect and put these files in the above named directory, replacing the existing copies.

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Thank you so much for the help.




The strange thing is retrospect does not seem to back up the Config_5.dat file. It does back up the Config_5.bak file though so I restored that one and renamed it to Config_5.dat. Everything has been restored.





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